The Common Problem That Your Home Could Be Facing Without You Even Realizing

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Water damage is no joke when it comes to your home or property. Trying to make sure that your home is safe and secure from all different types of moisture, whether it be snow, rain, excessive humidity, or even something as gentle as morning dew, can be challenging, but most homeowners take all the necessary precautions to make sure they are safe, or so they think. There are some parts of your home that largely get ignored when installing waterproofing and other preventative measures. If you have never had crawl space waterproofing installed, then you could be in for a rude shock that stems from underneath your home. 

The Problem

Crawl spaces are so easy to forget about. They are small (sometimes almost inaccessibly so), most people never visit them and they serve no real purpose for your home other than as part of the space where foundations begin. However, due to the fact they are so low, water will naturally congregate there, and it can come from all directions. If you have brick or wood foundations (or something else porous), then the water can get absorbed and snake up into your living areas, causing even more issues. Even if the water stays restricted to the crawl space you can still be in trouble, as it can create all other types of issues from mold and mildew to rotting foundations.

The Solution

Making your crawl space waterproof from all angles is vital and something that every homeowner needs to do at some stage. Whether you do it now, before any damage has occurred, or later after you realize your mistake, can be the difference between saving thousands of dollars and spending that money on unnecessary repairs. It is a very simple process where generally a custom membrane is fitted to all access points of your crawl space, making it watertight and ready to survive for many decades without issue.

Tangential Benefits

While crawl space waterproofing is mainly done to keep your home safe from water damage, as the name suggests, it does also provide some tangential benefits. During the process of waterproofing, the crawl spaces outside will be sealed so that no draughts or water can easily get in, which in turn can help your energy efficiency in winter and summer. In addition, due to the sealing of your crawl space, you will have a lower risk of pests and vermin seeking shelter in the nooks and crannies below your home.