How To Tell If Your Garage Door Spring Needs To Be Taken Out And Replaced

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Modern garage doors really are something special. They are exceptionally easy to use, very durable compared to earlier iterations, and can be operated from an increasing number of gadgets you can carry around (such as your phone). However, that does not mean that a garage door cannot suffer problems that need to be addressed by a professional, because they very much can. Perhaps the main issue that most people with garage doors face is a malfunctioning garage door spring. Here are a few ways you can tell that your garage door's spring needs to be replaced by a professional. 

Door Stuttering Or Taking Longer Than Usual 

Perhaps the main way people first deduce that something is not quite right with their garage door is when they begin to stutter and fall during their movement. Occasionally it will catch itself and go back to operating normally for a little bit, but that should be a very solid warning that you need to have your garage door's inner workings inspected. The spring that helps pull the door up can be pushed out of position or simply old and worn out which can lead to this issue, as can a whole range of other factors which is why it is always best to have an inspection first, rather than try to repair it on your own.

Door Cannot Stop Moving One Way Or The Other

Most garage doors will have enough tension in them that you can pause their movement either up or down without the door collapsing or shooting up. If the door you have no longer responds to instructions as it is moving or you can't simply pause its movement then the internal mechanics are a bit old and perhaps have shifted. If the garage door spring is bent or can't hold the weight as it once did then this can be a symptom of that problem.

Will Not Open

If your garage door not only doesn't respond to your electronic remote but can't even be moved by hand that easily then more than likely the spring itself has snapped. Obviously, a door that is slammed shut and stuck in place requires professional help as your car could very well be behind it which can lead to major headaches when it comes to work and other responsibilities. That is why it is so imperative that you act quickly whenever you notice any kind of small tell that your garage door is in trouble or this will be the end result. 

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