Smart Strategies For Renting Crash Trucks For Construction Road Work

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Any time construction happens near roads, there is a possibility of collisions from passing vehicles. That's why it's a good idea to set up crash trucks around these areas because they can significantly reduce impact and save lives. Just make sure you consider these rental tips before making this investment.

Decide Between High-Speed and Low-Speed Design

Crash trucks can be designed and built in a lot of different ways, but one of the more important specs is the speed of impact that these trucks are meant to support. You can either get a low-speed or high-speed design and choosing the right option will further improve safety around a construction road site.

Look at where your crew will be working and the speed limit that's in place. Then you can choose a speed design according to this figure and subsequently know everyone around these work zones will be better protected. 

Make Sure Controls are User-Friendly

There are going to be a lot of different operations you'll need to complete using a crash truck, such as raising and lowering the attenuator mechanism in the back and activating the arrow signals that show where oncoming drivers need to go.

You want to make sure these controls are user-friendly from the beginning because that's going to save your construction crew from an extensive learning curve. You want them to be able to easily use the cab controls on the interior without issues or ample training being required. 

Look for Non-CDL Variety

If you want to make using a crash truck rental easier for everyone involved in construction road work, you need to look for a variety that doesn't require a CDL (commercial driver's license). That's going to save you from having to find a specialized driver to operate this crash truck around construction road sites.

Anyone will be able to pop in the driver seat and get the crash truck rental positioned strategically around areas where there are workers. Crash truck rentals will specifically say if they require a CDL to operate or not, so making this distinction won't be that hard. 

One way you can make construction road work safer for crews around these sites is to set up crash trucks. You can rent them for as long as you want. Just try to find the right truck variety and then ensure your crew is capable of handling these machines without any issues.

For more information on crash truck rentals, contact a local company.