Three Questions You Should Ask Potential Construction Contractors

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Building a home can be very intimidating, especially if you have never done it before or if it has been quite some time. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the process and not make yourself heard by the professionals around you, which is a shame because, at the end of the day, they are there to make your dream come true. That means that they are happy to hear any issues, problems, or questions you may have, you just need to be upfront and open with them. Here are three questions that you should always ask your construction contractors before you hire them.  

Do You Have Any Changes You Would Make to the Blueprints?

If you are simply hiring construction contractors in a completely separate way from the architects and engineers then they may have only just been given the plans right before they are about to start. It is important to take some time to actually talk to them and get a feel for what they think the project should look like. They may have some very practical suggestions about how to make your home better, that no one else thought of because they work very hands-on with the materials.

Do You Think the Schedule and Timeframe Are Long Enough?

When building a house you likely have a rough estimate as to how long you want it to take. Most of the time during the interview process construction contractors will be very positive about making even harsh deadlines. However, it is important that you talk to them and pick their brain about what they really think they are capable of. Planning for delays and hold-ups in the process is essential if you want to avoid major stuff-ups that could cost you thousands of dollars in lost materials and wages. If they suggest an extra week or two all up, then it could be wise to listen to them.

What Do You Think the Biggest Problem Will Be?

Sometimes an obvious problem will present itself to a construction contractor but they just simply do not know if you have already considered it and that you can work around it. Being open and honest with them is key for these sorts of issues, so make sure that they air any potential hazards that they see before work gets underway. If they don't see any glaring problems from your safety protocols or overall plans then you know you are on to a good thing and can get started right away! 

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