Upgrading Your House with New Vinyl Siding for the Exterior

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Installing vinyl siding is an upgrade that can be an affordable way for a homeowner to update the appearance of their house. Several assumptions that you may have made about vinyl siding may be able to limit your ability to assess this potential upgrade and oversee its installation.

Assumption: Vinyl Siding Is Easily Damaged During Storms

The exterior of your home will have to be able to withstand extreme forces that strong storms may be able to generate. The assumption that vinyl siding will be very poorly suited to withstand these conditions can be very misleading for a homeowner that is evaluating this option. In reality, vinyl siding is designed to be extremely durable against moisture, hail, and winds. To be fully effective the vinyl siding will need to be properly installed and anchored to the building, and hiring a professional vinyl siding installation contractor is likely to be the best option for ensuring this work is done correctly.

Assumption: Vinyl Siding Can Only Be Applied to Wooden Exteriors

Wood is one of the exteriors that can be the most vulnerable to suffering damage over the years. Not surprisingly, it is a popular option for homeowners to install vinyl siding to help reduce the wear that the exterior experiences. However, this should not mislead you into assuming that only wood exteriors can be covered with this siding. It is also common for homeowners to use this siding to change the appearance of their brick exteriors. In fact, this type of siding can be customized to fit almost any exterior that a home may use.

Assumption: Vinyl Siding Only Offers Cosmetic Benefits To Homeowners

The cosmetic benefits that vinyl siding can offer are an important reason for making this upgrade to the house. However, cosmetic benefits are not the only reasons that you should consider installing this siding for your home. The siding will also be able to improve the energy efficiency of the house. This is particularly true when a homeowner has chosen to install insulated exterior siding. This siding can actively stop drafts that may have formed between the exterior panels of the home while also directly limiting the heat transfer that can occur as the exterior is heated by the sun. If you live in an area that has noise pollution, such as near a busy restaurant or road, siding can also reduce the noise that is able to make it into the home's interior.

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