4 Reasons To Purchase A Residential Automatic Driveway Gate

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Automatic driveway gates provide security for any size driveway. They act as a barrier to keep strangers out and loved ones and pets safely in. Not only do automated driveway gates add to the curb appeal of your home, but they can also significantly add to its value. It is also convenient not to have to get out of your vehicle to manually open the gate during inclement weather.

Let's delve briefly into four reasons to purchase a residential automatic driveway gate:

1. Security

Automatic gates are part of your perimeter fencing, operating either by remote access or by punching in a code at the entrance. The remote control can also keep unwanted visitors out of your property if you have a vehicle tailgating you as you enter. Some homeowners have their driveway gate monitored by a security company. Security companies can let you know if anyone is at your gate or if there has been an attempted entry.

2. Curb Appeal

Gates come in a variety of styles: vinyl, wood, wrought iron, or ornamental steel for residential use. Steel gates stand up especially well to the elements and all gates can be customized to fit your vision for your property. An automated driveway gate can make your property look and feel like an estate.

3. Home Value

A well-maintained automatic gate not only adds to your home's security and curb appeal but can add to your home's resale value as well. Future buyers may look for perimeter fencing and gates that are durable and easily maintained. While there is no guarantee for how much the return on your investment will be, you can reasonably expect an increase in home value as long as your gate's workmanship and materials are not substandard.

4. Convenience

Manually opening your home's gate can be inconvenient if you are injured, disabled or elderly. Not only can driveway gates be heavy, they can be cumbersome to open. Having the convenience of remote access or a punch code also allows you to remain in your vehicle during poor weather. Convenience becomes security as you can stay in your vehicle at night to open the gate to your home.

Adding a residential automatic driveway gate may look like an expensive proposition, but many companies offer budget-friendly terms. Discern for yourself if increased security, curb appeal, resale value, and convenience are what you envision for your home's future. Many companies now have online applications that let you see what a new gate will look like on your property and will work with you to give you the best tools to make the decision to purchase.

For more information about driveway gates, contact a contractor in your area.