When You Might Want A Video Sewer Inspection And How It's Done

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If you've been lucky and never had problems with your sewer drain before, you may not know about having a video sewer inspection done. Video inspections are done by plumbers to see inside a sewer line to determine the condition of the pipe and to find out the nature of problems, such as cracking and clogging. Here's when you might want a video sewer inspection, the equipment that's used, and how the inspection is done.

When You May Want A Video Sewer Inspection Done

If you're having problems with a sewer line, such as a clog or leak, you might want the plumber to do a video inspection to determine the right way to make repairs. This can save them from digging up your yard just to get a look at the pipe. You might also want a video inspection done once the work is complete to verify that the repairs have been completed properly. A video sewer inspection is useful before you buy a house and before you put your home on the market.

What Kind Of Equipment Is Used

A video sewer inspection is done with a camera on the end of a long cable that's fed in the sewer pipe. The cable is on a reel and the cable is slowly advanced through the pipe. The camera has a light that illuminates the inside of the pipe so the plumber can see the sides of the pipe as the camera moves along.

How A Video Sewer Inspection Is Done

The video camera has the ability to keep upright as it moves through the pipe so the plumber can make sense of what they're seeing. The camera sends back real-time video that can be stored and viewed later if necessary. However, you and the plumber can view the monitor in real time so you can see what's going on in the pipe.

The plumber feeds the camera through the pipe looking for clues to the problem you're having. A useful feature of a video sewer inspection camera is that it can send a signal to the surface that lets the plumber track its location. This is useful when a clog or damage is found since it helps the plumber pinpoint the exact location of the damage so your entire yard doesn't have to be dug up to find the damaged area.

When the video sewer inspection is complete, the plumber should know the exact cause of the problem and where along the pipe it's located. Then they can plan out how to repair the pipe and dig in a controlled area so your yard isn't destroyed unnecessarily. If the plumber is just inspecting the pipe before you buy a house, then you'll find out if the sewer is in good shape or if there's a good chance you'll be sinking money in repairs soon.

For more information on video sewer inspection, contact a plumber.