Reducing the Risk Of Storm Damage Occurring To Your Windows

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Strong storms can be a major threat to your home due to the types of damage that these weather events will be able to cause. In particular, the windows of a home will be especially vulnerable to this type of damage.

Upgrading Your Current Options To Storm Windows

One of the best options for reducing the risk of extensive damage occurring to your windows will be to make the investment in installing storm windows. These are windows that are specifically designed to be capable of withstanding the types of impacts that storms will be able to inflict on them. This is due to the storm windows utilizing impact-resistant glass, but this is not the only enhancement that they have. The frame that holds the glass is also designed to be more resistant to impacts, and this can substantially reduce the risk of there being severe damage to the window as a result of a storm that passes through the area.

Installing Storm Shutters

While storm windows are exceptional at protecting windows against common types of storm damage, there are limits to the protection that they can offer. For example, it is still possible for powerful impacts to shatter or puncture these windows. An example of this could be hurricane or tornado force winds launching rocks and other debris at the glass. An option for mitigating this potential source of damage to the windows can be the installation of storm shutters. These can be closed so that the glass of the windows will be protected against damage from these impacts. While this may sound like it will be difficult or inconvenient, this is not the case as modern storm shutter systems can support motorization so that they can be closed with the use of a control panel or even a remote. In addition to being more convenient, this can also allow you to quickly close the storm shutters when a sudden storm develops.

Trimming Branches Aware From The Exterior Windows

Tree branches that are close to the windows can be another common source of extensive damage occurring to the glass or even the frame. During strong storms, the wind and rain can push the branches into the glass. In addition to the risk of the glass breaking as a result of this, it can also result in extensive scratching occurring to the exterior of the window. To prevent these issues from occurring, the tree branches should be trimmed so that they will be far enough away from the glass so that the shifting of the tree in the wind will not cause the branch to collide with the glass.

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