Do You Need A New Boiler Pump?

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If your boiler seems noisier or colder than usual, ask a contractor to check the circulator pump inside your boiler. A circulator pump ensures hot water moves through your boiler every time you use it. If something happens to the pump, the part will make strange noises, stop heating, or stop working altogether. Learn more about boiler pumps and how you can repair your boiler's pump below.

What's a Boiler Pump?

A boiler pump, or circulator pump, is an electrical device that moves or circulates hot water through your boiler. Without a functioning circulator pump, your boiler couldn't heat your home properly during the cold season. A bad pump will make loud noises as well as stop circulating hot water through your boiler.

A boiler pump contains two separate components that work together to move hot water through your boiler: a water pump and a small motor. The motor must receive enough electrical power to activate the water pump. If the motor's electrical components fail or stop working, the motor won't instruct the water pump to turn on. The motor may make loud noises as it tries to activate the pump.

The water pump may also cause problems for your boiler if it leaks. If water leaks out of the water pump, there won't be enough liquid circulating through your boiler to warm your home. 

If you suspect your boiler has a pumping issue, contact a contractor soon.

How Do Repair or Replace a Boiler Pump?

A contractor will need to inspect the motor and water pump inside your boiler system for you. A contractor may test the electrical components inside the motor first. The electrical contacts could be burned out or loose inside the motor. Your boiler should operate properly after a contractor replaces the parts inside the motor. 

If the motor isn't the reason behind your boiler's strange noises or lack of heating, a contractor can replace the water pump. You may choose to install the same type of water pump inside your boiler, or you can upgrade it with a new device.

If you choose to use an upgraded water pump, choose one that comes with better feedwater features. Feedwater from your home may contain minerals that clog or break down your pump over time. Bad feedwater can cause leaks in boiler pumps. You want to use a pump that filters contaminants from your home's water before it reaches your boiler pump. 

Learn more about boiler pump replacement and care by contacting a contractor today.