Caring For The Sod You Have Planted On Your Property

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Sod is one of the quickest options for providing a property with a lawn. Unfortunately, individuals will often make a series of mistakes with their new sod that could severely compromise the quality of the results that the sod is providing.

Failing To Water The Sod Enough After It Is Placed On The Property

Newly placed sod will have extensive moisture requirements. This is due to the fact that the roofs of the sod will need time to grow into the soil where it can tap into more of the moisture that is in the ground. Due to this, it can be advisable to water the sod on a daily basis for the first several weeks that it is in place. This will prevent the soil base of the sod from drying out for long periods of time.

Mowing The Sod Too Soon After It Is Placed

In addition to making sure that the sod is sufficiently watered, individuals should also wait before they mow the sod for the first time. This is necessary as the force of the lawn mower passing over the grass can damage the roots as they are attempting to establish themselves in the soil. Additionally, cutting the blades of grass could reduce its energy production, which can cause the root development process to slow significantly. While your sod may become somewhat longer than you normally prefer during this period, waiting can help your new lawn to be as healthy as possible.

Leave Gaps Between The Sections Of Sod

During the process of placing the sod on the property, it is necessary to avoid inadvertently leaving gaps between the sections of sod. These gaps can compromise the look of the lawn, and they can allow for weeds to start growing. To reduce the risk of this mistake, having a professional landscaping service install the sod can be a more effective solution for preventing this problem. Unfortunately, individuals may underestimate the difficulty of properly aligning their new sod until they have already started the process. This could lead to large gaps and other mistakes with the placement of the sod being noticed. As an added benefit, these services can avoid damaging the sod during the installation process. Luckily, the costs of having sod installed can be relatively low as this is a process that may not take the contractors very long to complete if the soil has already been prepared. If they have to level or otherwise prepare the grounds for the sod installation, it may increase the costs and the time that is needed.

Reach out to a landscape design company to learn more about how to care for new sod.