Want To Avoid Leaks In Your Commercial Roof? 4 Key Things Professionals Can Do

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A key feature that can impact the structural condition of a commercial building is the roof. This is the case if, for example, the roof has damage that is causing leaks yet isn't promptly addressed. Different factors can cause your roof to leak, e.g., improper DIY roof installation and damage from falling debris. Fortunately, a commercial roofing contractor can effectively address your roof leaks. Here are a few strategies you may observe:

They'll Make Repairs to the Flashing

Roof flashing plays a key role in ensuring that protrusions and parts of your roof, such as vents and chimneys, don't become an entry point for water. However, the caulking on the roof can crack or become loose, allowing water to infiltrate the interior of your business premise. Notably, during the yearly inspection, roofers check for damage around roof protrusions, including HVAC units and vents, and reseal damaged or weak areas.

They'll Coat Your Roof

Your roofer can avoid leakages by applying roof coating regardless of your commercial roof type. Doing this helps seal minor roof damage that, if overlooked, can cause major water damage and necessitate roof replacement. Besides protecting your roof from leaks, sealing such damage also helps improve its energy efficiency.

They'll Check the Condition of the Roof Membrane

If your commercial roof is constructed from rubber, damage to the membrane is one of the major issues you're likely to experience. This component is designed to make such roofs waterproof, but years of exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause them to blister, crack or shrink. If you fail to catch and address this problem on time, you may have to replace your roof. Thus, your commercial roofing contractor seals such leaks during their annual inspection or after a major storm to prevent significant damage.

They'll Remove Debris From the Roof and Trim Trees

If there is a lot of debris on your commercial roof, your contractor will remove it to help prevent water leakages. Without this intervention, debris may collect in the gutter, preventing the proper flow of water and causing leaks. The experts also trim any tree limbs hanging over your building to prevent excessive debris collection on the roof.

It can be very expensive to replace your roof due to damage from extensive water leaks. This is why commercial roofing experts take the steps mentioned above to prevent such a situation. Keep in mind that, if left unresolved, damage resulting from roof leaks can impact your business profitability negatively.

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