How A Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor May Restore Your Old Parking Lot

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If the parking lot for your medical building is faded, cracked, or has potholes, talk to a commercial paving contractor about whether the asphalt can be repaired or if you need a new lot. It's important to keep your parking lot in good condition so a patient doesn't trip and fall, and so your property makes a good impression on everyone who visits.

A parking lot that's ugly and damaged doesn't reflect well on you, and you probably want to avoid that when you're offering medical services. Here are some steps your asphalt paving contractor may recommend.

Repair Damage And Add A Sealcoat For Fading

If your lot has small cracks or only a few cracks and holes, the commercial paving contractor can fill them individually and then put a sealcoat over the top. If your lot has alligator cracks or a lot of potholes, that could indicate issues with the base under the asphalt.

The contractor may need to tear out the asphalt around the damaged areas so they can see the base and repair it if needed. Then new asphalt can be poured over the base to make the repairs.

Put On An Overlay To Make The Lot Look New

If your parking lot has been neglected for a long time, it could need an overlay. An overlay is a new layer of hot asphalt that is poured over the old asphalt. First, some of the old asphalt is milled off the top of your parking lot. This helps the new asphalt stick better and it also removes some of the damage.

When the lot is ready, a new layer of asphalt is spread over your lot so your parking lot looks brand new. The overlay covers imperfections and makes your parking lot dark again.

Rebuild The Base And Replace The Parking Lot

If the base underneath your lot has damage due to drainage issues, the contractor may recommend breaking up the old asphalt and hauling it off so work can be done to restore the base. The longevity of a new lot depends on how well the base is built. The contractor may add gravel and compact it into the soil so the base is strong and durable. They may also need to put in drains to improve drainage from your lot.

Once the base is ready, the new asphalt parking lot can be built up and allowed to cure. The final step is to add stripes and designate ADA parking spaces so your lot is in compliance with codes.

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