Two Reasons To Have A Professional Perform Fall Maintenance To Ensure Your Home's Shingled Roof Is Ready For Winter

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The snow, ice, and windy weather of winter can wreak havoc on your home's shingled roof. Even if the roof appears to be in sound condition, if there are even small hidden issues with the shingles, the wintry weather can cause damage that can lead to water leaks.

Because of this, scheduling a maintenance service call from a roofing professional is important for taking preventative measures to make sure the roof survives the winter season. Below are a couple of reasons you should have a professional perform fall maintenance to ensure your home's shingled roof is ready for the upcoming winter.

1. Reveals Any Cracked Shingles That Need to Be Replaced Before the Upcoming Harsh Wintry Weather Causes Them Further Damage

One reason you should have a roofing professional perform maintenance on your home's roof in the fall is that they will thoroughly inspect the shingles. During this inspection, they will be able to find any that are cracked, loose, or crumbling.

Because the expansion and contraction caused by snow and ice can cause further issues to already damaged shingles, it is important that they be revealed during this maintenance inspection. Once found, the roofer can then tighten any loose shingles and replace any damaged ones to keep the wintry weather from causing them further damage.

2. Checks for and Addresses Problems with Roofing Insulation and Ventilation That Can Lead to Excessive Formation of Ice Dams

Another reason you should schedule a maintenance call for your home's roof is that the roofer will check for and address problems with the roofing insulation and ventilation. These areas include the insulation under the decking of the roof as well as the soffits, ridge vents, and other vents for the roof.

If there are issues with the vents and insulation, these problems will lead to excessive ice dam formation that can cause serious damage to your roof's shingles. If any problems are found, such as torn insulation or blocked and damaged vents, the roofer can take the opportunity to address them before winter arrives.

When you hire a roofing professional to perform fall maintenance on your home's roof, they will inspect the shingles to reveal any that are cracked or loose to ensure they are replaced before wintry weather causes further damage to them. The roofer will also check for and address problems with the roofing insulation and ventilation that could lead to ice dam formation. As autumn approaches, contact a business that offers roofing maintenance service to schedule an appointment for a service call.

Reach out to a local roofer to learn more about roofing maintenance services.