Why You Need To Get Your Stucco Damaged Repaired ASAP After A Hail Storm

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Do you use stucco for your house's siding? Stucco can provide all of the benefits of concrete while still allowing for a visually pleasing texture along the sides of your house. But there will likely be nothing visually pleasing about this siding after it falls victim to a hail storm. If it's obvious that you are in need of hail damage stucco repair, it is imperative that you reach out to a local professional as soon as possible. Here's why you should never wait to repair this type of damage to your house.

Stucco Damage on the House Exterior Can Lead to Water Damage on the Inside of the House

Stucco is essentially concrete and it can take a beating from a lot of things, but hail may not be one of them. When hail impacts stucco at speed, you may be left with a circular indent in the concrete or perhaps even a crack. These cracks could even be hairline in size and hard to see unless you get a ladder and go up there. It's possible there may now be an opening for water to get inside your home through the damaged area. So, in other words, don't wait to find that out the hard way by waiting until the next rainstorm arrives. Get your stucco repaired immediately and you'll have better peace of mind when inclement weather returns.

Stucco Damage on the House Exterior Can Lead to Mold Growth Inside Your House

Along with letting water inside the house, it's also possible that damaged stucco could lead to problems with mold growth. Water damage can obviously lead to mold development, but even high humidity that gets inside your house through the damaged area could also cause a long-term problem. Removing mold is a complicated and painful process for many homeowners and you'll likely wish you had just paid to get the stucco damage repaired much sooner.

Stucco Damage That is Not Fixed Quickly Will Reduce Your Property Value and Annoy Your Neighbors

Stucco can look amazing when it's kept in good condition. A beautiful texture to the concrete can really make your house turn heads as people drive down your street. But hail damage can leave your siding looking less than stellar. If you don't get it fixed quickly, you are going to risk losing property value or raising the ire of the local HOA. The longer you take to fix the problem, the more expensive it might become to fix if those cracks or indents expand in size.

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