Protecting Your Business from the Risks of a Rock Fall Occurring

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There are many properties that will face a risk of a rock fall occurring. Unfortunately, this can be a common issue for commercial properties, and it is important for business leaders to avoid underestimating this potential threat.

A Rock Fall Can Be An Extremely Dangerous Threat To A Commercial Property

Rock falls can be extremely hazardous for commercial properties. These incidents can result in a large number of heavy rocks and boulders falling onto the property. This could lead to damage occurring to any automobiles that are in the area, extensive damage to the building, and injuries or even death for those in the path of the rock fall. In addition to the direct damages that a rock fall could cause, there may also be legal liabilities that the company will have to pay, as well as forcing it to close for an extended period of time. These hazards can pose an unacceptable risk to your commercial property, and this may lead to you needing to stabilize the soil.

The Risk A Rock Fall Poses Can Increase As Time Passes

While the threats from a rockfall can be extensive, it is also a reality that many business owners may not undertake stabilization measures in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, if your property is at risk of a rock fall occurring, this may be a threat that can actually increase over the course of time. This is a result of the soil under the racks eroding and continuing to cause stability problems. In addition to making a rock fall more likely, this could also contribute to any rock falls that occur being much larger.

There Are Many Stabilization Options That Can Be Used To Mitigate The Rock Fall

When your business is needing to mitigate the risk that a rock fall poses, there are numerous options available to you. For example, it may be possible to install a retaining wall that will be able to support the unstable soil. There are also metal screens that can be placed over the top of the rocks to help keep loose rocks from being able to fall as this could trigger a large number of other rocks to also fall. In addition to these preventative steps, your commercial property may also have any large or loose rocks from the nearby hilly areas removed. This can be a laborious process that will require specialized equipment, but it can be an effective option for preventing large rock falls from occurring and devastating commercial property.

For more information about preparing against commercial rock falls, contact a local construction contractor in your area today.