The Perks Of Stucco Siding For Commercial Rental Properties

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While stucco is often thought of as a siding of choice for residential properties, commercial stucco installation is just as common. If you have rental properties that are used for commercial tenants, stucco can be an excellent choice for cladding these properties. For example, if you have a building that contains several units for business offices, stucco works well as a siding choice. Take a look at a few reasons why commercial stucco installation is advantageous for commercial rental properties. 

The Color Is Easy to Change 

Stucco can be installed in an array of different colors. Some property owners opt to go with a neutral shade that can accommodate just about any brand of business when it comes to commercial rental properties. However, if a business tenant wants to make a change to the color of the stucco while their business is operating at the address, the color of the stucco is easy to change. Unlike brick or vinyl siding that can't be painted easily, stucco siding is one of the easiest siding materials to paint. 

Stucco Offers a Commercial-Quality Aesthetic Value 

Stucco is seamless and relatively straightforward in its design. These qualities make it an obvious choice for a lot of business properties. Therefore, this can also be a good siding choice for commercial business properties for renting. When prospective tenants see the property, they need to be able to visualize their operation functioning in the building. A neutral exterior cladding with stucco automatically allows this visualization. 

You Won't Face a Lot of Maintenance with Stucco 

One perk of commercial stucco installation is the fact that the siding can be so easy to maintain. Stucco stands up well to the elements, is not vulnerable to pests, and does not warp or change with exposure to sunlight. You do not have to do ongoing sealant installation or anything that requires ongoing attention as the property owner. Therefore, you will have a business building that does not require a lot of time to keep the exterior looking its best for the years to come. 

Stucco Works Well for Sign Mounting 

If the business buildings you rent typically go to tenants that need to mount signage on the building's exterior, stucco works well for the situation. Stucco siding is resilient and dense, which means signs can be mounted on it without an issue. Masonry screws and mounting brackets usually suffice to mount a sign on the siding, and, even better, any small holes or flaws are easy to correct once the sign is removed. 

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